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Our Client Reviews

Our client reviews speak volumes about the quality of service we provide. From exceptional attention to detail to prompt and friendly communication, our clients consistently rave about their experiences with us. We take pride in our commitment to exceeding expectations and delivering results that are both efficient and effective. Our team of skilled professionals strives to build long-lasting relationships with each and every client, working tirelessly to ensure that their needs are not only met, but exceeded. With a proven track record of success and a dedication to excellence, our client reviews are a testament to the level of care and attention we put into every project we undertake.

Tim Kluck


When selecting a contractor to finish out a shell at View Talay Six I had purchased as my retirement home, I solicited several bids from local contractors. Upon the recommendation of a friend, Alpha was one of those contractors.

Their bid was the lowest of the four, but the quality of the work did not suffer as a result. They kept in daily contact with their subcontractors, and the Director of Alpha, JT Niedenthal, visited the work site daily to check on their progress. As work progressed, I participated in the process thoroughly, and any minor problems I noticed during the build-out were corrected to my satisfaction. Alpha did an excellent job and completed all the work according to the specs and my high standards despite several changes I made to the plan as the work progressed. Furthermore, Alpha continues to stand behind its work with a two-year warranty on the job. I was delighted with my selection of Alpha and will hire them again should the need arise.



I contracted Alpha Construction a year ago to upgrade the window system and aircon and install brick curtain pillars in 3 condo rooms. From the start, the team helped navigate the best way to design the window system to reduce the noise.

JT’s extensive experience in building projects in US and Thailand was invaluable, and he was able to offer additional suggestions. Once the job was underway, JT attended every day to ensure the work was completed to schedule and the different labour elements coordinated their efforts. Before the work started, it was fully costed and completed on budget. No hidden extras! I would not hesitate to recommend him as my “preferred contractor” in Thailand.

Richard Gray


I have worked with JT on a couple of projects, and I always found him well-mannered & efficient; his work was clean/tidy & to the client’s requirements & he has never had any problems coming back to put things right at a later stage if the client was concerned about anything.

I would personally recommend JT and Alpha Design & Construction.

Elmar Kleiner


JT has been a great support on one of our recent projects, organizing and motivating the site team in an uncomplicated, effective manner. We look forward to collaborating with him again in the future.

Ken Wonitoy


Having used JT Neidenthal as the contractor for my recently done Condominium renovation, I highly recommend his firm.

His team did The recent work to a very high standard, and his attention to all details of the work was excellent. I found him easy to work with, and his advice and knowledge were greatly appreciated.

I would not hesitate to use his company on any other work I might have, and I would and have recommended his firm to others, Ken Wonitoy.



I was introduced to you by one of your customers. I had to choose between three contractors for renovating my condo, and I never regretted choosing Alpha Design and Construction. The owner, JT, knows his job with his long years of experience in many countries. He is a professional, and most importantly – he listens carefully to your ideas.

His team worked together like a family, and I felt safe and sure in a foreign country with the advice of JT. He made it possible to find me, just one example, precisely the right sofa builder to create a curved tailor-made exclusive sofa. This contractor is a constructor, a good team leader, and an extremely tasteful designer. I was thrilled to do this project with him and his efficient team.

David Smart


I chose Alpha Construction to fit out my new “shell” condominium in View Talay Jomtien Beach in early 2011.

After meeting with JT to discuss the project, a written quotation was provided soon afterwards with a detailed description of the scope of work, together with the price and completion date. On payment of the deposit, work began immediately. The project was completed to my satisfaction – on budget and on time – with a high standard of fit and finish.

During the past year, the condo has been in great demand as a rental and occupied most of the time. Some minor maintenance issues have arisen due to normal wear and tear, and all were taken care of quickly and cheerfully by JT with significant consideration shown for the needs of my tenants. Throughout, Alpha Construction has proved to be reliable and professional at all times.

Joe Giordano


I recommend J.T. to anyone looking for construction renovations or build-outs of their properties. I say this not because J.T. is now a good friend of mine but because of what I have experienced and the delivered work product.

Having work done in Thailand is a risky and sometimes costly endeavour. When having a job done, you stand a good chance of losing your money and having to start over with another contractor. I am a Professional Engineer and understand project plans, timelines and costs, as this is what I encounter in my job. In Thailand, none of these items are realized the same way. Good consistent workers are hard to find. 

J.T. has a good staff and an understanding of how things work in Thailand. His real strength is in his ability to process the requirements of the foreign client and have those requirements carried out professionally and on time while not sacrificing quality or moving away from the client’s required concept. 

Larry Kiesel


In January 2009, we bought a condo in Pattaya and hired JT Niedenthal from Alpha Design & Construction as our general contractor. We were delighted that he is from Texas and speaks English. I could not imagine attempting a complete remodel with a non-English-speaking contractor.

JT, as he likes to be called, was immediately ready to hear our remodel desires and was extremely helpful in both conceptualizing our ideas and, with the help of his graphic artist, could visually present images of what we wanted.

JT was responsible for all the trades used in our remodelling project. From demolition, construction, plumbing, electrical, furniture building, tiling, doors and windows, and most importantly, directing us to sources often drove us to the places and stores for best pricing and design. We could not have done it without his vast knowledge of the area. Since Pattaya, as with most of Thailand, has no handy reference “yellow pages” to refer to, so this was a precious asset.

JT was present and acted as an on-site supervisor to his crew. Many decisions had to be made as work progressed, and he patiently explained options and their pros and cons and helped guide us to appropriate choices, which resulted in the “WOW” factor we sought. We emptied the condo and started from scratch with just the outside walls. We built an extra entrance door, a beautiful kitchen, an extra bedroom and certain décor features which we probably would have been hard-pressed to find without JT’s knowledge.

As we developed new ideas, he was most generous with his time and suggestions. Never say, “It couldn’t be done.” He was available when we needed him and has remained a good friend and advisor as needed with sources and advice. We are most happy with the results of our renovation and are pleased to recommend him. He is not only knowledgeable but also VERY creative.

Duncan Miller


Based on the club’s experience constructing our two guesthouses at the Royal Varuna Yacht Club, Soi Pratumnak, I highly recommend Alpha Design & Construction, who were contracted to do the complete work.

The first building was constructed in 2008 and was developed from foundation to full completion in four months. The level of quality and the experience working with JT, as well as the workers themselves, was excellent. The specifications were followed precisely, and all involved were extremely happy with the outcome. The building comprises eight rooms, each with a bathroom covering two floors with terraces.

The second building was constructed in late 2009 into early 2010. The specification for this building was higher than the previous one, and we were under pressure from our members and committee to complete the installation works within 90 days. This time scale was achieved, and we were delighted with the results. The specification called for a higher level of finish than the previous building, particularly in the bathrooms, and the result was excellent.

  • The works included:
  • All foundation works
  • Columns, beams, walls, etc.
  • Roof beams, tiling
  • Floor tiling, ceilings, painting
  • All bathroom tiling, plumbing, sanitary systems
  • Septic and complete electrical systems
  • Doors, terraces, etc.
  • Groundworks and landscaping.

I wholeheartedly recommend Alpha Design and Construction, JT, and its crew of workers for any construction needs.

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