Construction & Renovation

New construction for homes or offices is available from start to finish. We work as decoration wall coverings, floors, ceilings, roofing, windows, mirrors, and more. Custom designs using materials such as granite, gypsum, wood, lighted mirrors, LED, waterfalls, swimming pools, fountains, and anything else you can possibly imagine.

Renovation projects are our specialty, condos, bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, home office additions, the combining of multiple condo units into one master unit, Master Suite renovations, and house renovations are all available from start to finish.

Wall Construction

Perimeter and retaining walls are available for design and construction. Wall materials include iron, wood, steel, stone, concrete, block, or a mixture. Lighting and security systems can be easily built in to the design.

Metal Work

Metal work for fencing, railings, and other outdoor needs. Materials such as steel, stainless, aluminum, galvanized and each will be custom designed and fabricated to your specifications. Cutting, fitting and welding for custom staircases, drain covers, gates and more are all available.

Swimming Pools & Landscaping and Hardscaping

Thailand has an endless summer and many people spend a lot of time outside. Alpha Design & Construction can help make your outdoor space one you will never want to leave. Whether you want a swimming pool with a waterfall, a lush tropical garden, or a brick oven as part of an outdoor gourmet kitchen we can make your space into a reality.

Doors & Windows

Custom doors and windows using wood, aluminum, or UPVC, and using single, double, triple glaze, or laminated glass. Alpha Air-Flow Doors are an original design. Mosquito screens, bullet proof glass, roller doors, and sun awnings are all also available.